Another 25 Great Names of Travel Blogs to Inspire You

Bloggers can never have enough examples to get ideas when trying to find a name for their blogs, and that is why it’s time to double the number of names featured in TBN from the current 25 travel blog names (here, here and here) with another 25 top names in the travel blogoshere.

You can see the following list contains a mixed selection of names, and clearly proves that successful blogs do not need to adhere to any particular naming technique.

Most of the effective ones tend to give you an idea of what the blog is focused on, or shares some information about the blogger.

Without further ado, here are the Names of 25 Top Travel Blogs to help you name your own travel site:

  1. Adventures with Ben
  2. Offbeat Travel
  3. Dave’s Travel Corner
  4. Sharing Travel Experiences
  5. Ordinary Traveler
  6. Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler
  7. Yeah That’s Kosher
  8. My Several Worlds
  9. Notes from the Road
  10. Hole in the Donut
  11. A Luxury Travel Blog
  12. Travel Experta
  13. Ken Kaminesky Photography
  14. Migrationology
  15. WhyGo Italy
  16. Chris Elliott
  17. Notes from Spain
  18. Calvin’s Hub
  19. Life Cruiser
  20. Young Adventuress
  21. A Dangerous Business
  22. Go Nomad
  23. Mexico Vacation Travels
  24. Around The World L
  25. Velvet Escape

Note: The list is not ordered in terms of name or blog quality. In other words, ‘Adventures with Ben’ isn’t a better name or blog than ‘Velvet Escape’. 

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