50 Names of the Best Travel Blogs to Give you Naming Ideas

One of the most effective ways to find a great name for your travel blog is to get inspiration from other bloggers. Regardless of whether you’re starting a new blog, or renaming an existing site, the process of getting a memorable and meaningful name is still the same.

However, with millions of blogs out there, how do you find the right ones to get ideas from? Well, one option is to reflect on what the top travel blogs are called.

And the good news is you can find a lot of them in TravelBlogNames.com as we’ve compiled them all into one place so you don’t have to trawl the web in search for names.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by the following list of 50 Awesome Travel Blog Names and use some of the naming styles to create an ideal name for your blog:

  1. The Brooklyn Nomad
  2. The Professional Hobo
  3. Johnny Vagabond
  4. Business Travel Guru
  5. Pocket Cultures
  6. Happy Hotelier
  7. Technomadia
  8. Travel Feeder
  9. Go Backpacking
  10. Travelogged
  11. Turkish Travel Blog
  12. The Vacation Gals
  13. GranTourismo
  14. Budget Travel Adventures
  15. Bacon is Magic
  16. Living the Dream
  17. 2 Backpackers
  18. Globetrotter Girls
  19. Runaway Jane
  20. Gypsy Journal Rv Travel Newspaper
  21. Family On Bikes
  22. Trans-Americas Journey
  23. Man on the Lam
  24. Never Ending Voyage
  25. Solo Traveler
  26. Breathe Dream Go
  27. My Itchy Travel Feet
  28. Adventurous Kate
  29. Green Global Travel
  30. One Step 4ward
  31. My Yatra Diary
  32. Travel Dudes
  33. Canada Adventure Couple
  34. Wandering Educators
  35. Theme Park Mom
  36. That Backpacker
  37. Wandering Trader
  38. Travel, Work, Life
  39. Camels & Chocolate
  40. Get In The Hot Spot
  41. Travel with a Purpose
  42. Travel Blissful
  43. Todd’s Wanderings
  44. Amateur Traveler
  45. Mommy Poppins
  46. Leave Your Daily Hell
  47. EscapeArtistes
  48. Nomadic Samuel
  49. 501 Places
  50. Travel O Cafe

What you’ll notice is that almost any sort of name can be used to generate a significant readership. Obviously, some names make more sense, sound better, are more meaningful or may resonate deeper with you in some way, but evidently, the longer and less intuitive names manage to house good blogs as well.