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How to Find a Travel Blog Name When All the Good Names are Gone

It’s getting harder and harder to find a really good name for a new travel blog. With thousands of great blogs in existence and hundreds more being started every day, the chances of finding a catchily clever travel-related name is getting slimmer everyday, especially if you’re not very witty, or particularly creative when it comes to blog naming.

No doubt you’ve already spent hours trying to think of an originally cool name, only to find that the list of bright ideas you had are really not that good once you’ve slept on them (or when the alcohol wears off!).

So what should you do?

First of all, avoid using your intuition and common sense. Choosing a quality name seems easy but it’s not. Some people can just come up with an awesome name on their own, but you’re probably not one of them if you’re reading this.

Start by acknowledging that the process is a lot trickier than you initially anticipated and put your analytical mind to work in learning about naming techniques and figuring out what type of name you want.

One of the best ways to do this is to go through a massive list of good blog names that are as related to your blog’s focus as possible. Ideally, it should be packed full of names with different naming styles in order for you to see the various ways great names can be constructed.

What Kind of Name Do You Want?

Some blog names are boringly simple but they’re effective in attracting the right audience and letting them know what’s on offer.

Some get people’s attention because they are funny, using clever word play and puns to make their impact, while others are quirky and a little bit weird, making potential visitors stop to take notice of them, appealing to the inquisitive nature of the human mind.

There is no correct method to name a blog. Ultimately, the name must be memorable and meaningful, and the style choosen to achieve this should be inline with the blogger’s character and voice, as well as the focus of the content.

All the Good Names are Not Gone

For any niche, there are a handful of extremely obvious names that naturally stand out as being obvious choices for a blog’s name. Yes, they will all be in use already. Either as a blog’s name, a product’s name, or a company’s name.

If that’s as far as your imagination stretches, then you’ll be joining the thousands of other bloggers before you who have been sulking and whinging that anything they can think of has already been taken by someone else.

Get creative! You don’t want one of those names anyway. It may seem like a good idea and the top choice for your blog’s name, but it’s not going to be very unique, and it won’t make you stand out among all the other bloggers who are competing for your audience’s attention.

Yes, those names may be really catchy, or clever, or just seemingly perfect. But they won’t be exceptionally special, and they won’t be intricately tied to the fabric of who you are, or what your blog is about.

Once you realise there are much more than a handful of ways to create an outstanding blog name, you’ll open your eyes to lots of amazing possibilities. Instead of racking your head to think of something that’s quite common, you’ll be empowered to come up with a brand name that’s uniquely yours.

Start by getting ideas about what’s possible and browse through these 100 examples of awesome names that other established travel bloggers have used to turn their sites into a success.