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Unique Travel Blog Names for Girls

If you want to compete with all the other female travelers who are living the dream life of making money by blogging while traveling around the world, you need a really creatively unique name to help your blog stand out from the rest.

The bad news is there are so many travel blogs out there already. The good news is that most of them have average and low quality names, so even though you’re just starting out, you can instantly get an edge over them by choosing an extraordinary name that wows anyone who comes across it.

To get you going, here are some cute and clever girly travel blog names to give you inspiration and ideas to create your own:

  • Travel Bunny – This is cute and potentially a great fit for a female traveler who is hopping around from place to place, and doesn’t mind being thought of as a fluffy rabbit by half their audience and a pin-up girl by the other half.
  • The Wanderess – A wandering princess, sorceress, actress, or even an adulteress. For the sake of cuteness, princess probably fits the bill best. However, when you pronounce this, it does come out sounding like ‘the-one-dress’ if you say it quickly, so remember to emphasize your consonants.
  • Sweet Nomad – There must be lots of girls who feel to urge to use the word ‘nomad’ somewhere in their travel blog’s name. From ‘Angelic Nomad’ to ‘Nomadic Buttercup’, pick of your favorite girly words and blend them to see what sounds best.
  • Candied Escapes – For those of you who don’t need to portray yourself as a ‘nomad’ and want an alternative word to ‘travel’ in your blog’s name, try ‘escapes’, ‘journeys’ or ‘getaways’, and combine it with your girly characteristics.
  • Bubbly Backpacker – Choose one word that describes your type of travel and the other to convey some positive aspect of your character. If possible, get the 2 words to start with the same letter so that it’s fun to pronounce and uses phonetics to make a longer lasting impression.
  • Hitchhiking Honeys – If you don’t mind referring to yourself as ‘honey’, then this is a sweet name that’s bound to naturally attract attention and get you lots of automatic traffic.
  • Gap Year Girls – This is quite descriptive, but it will instantly appeal to all the young ladies who are taking a year out to travel. It certainly sounds very nice. Although it has 3 words, each word is short and only has one syllable, so its still short and compact when combined.

Got great naming ideas to share with other female travel bloggers? Feel free to post your suggestions and ideas in the comments below.

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Descriptive vs Unique Names for Travel Blogs

There are two main ways to name a blog. You can use a common phrase with descriptive words, or create a name that is unique and ‘one of its kind’.

There are pros and cons to each method. Descriptive names are great in getting to the point by letting users know what the blog is about. But they can easily be confused with other blogs using a confusingly similar name.

Unique names that are well constructed are ideal, as they can be catchy and more memorable if they resonate with their audience. However, it’s not easy to come up with a good name that’s unique, and many bloggers who go for this option end up with a terrible name.

To give you a better idea of how these two naming strategies compare and their impact, let’s take a look at 3 names of real travel blogs.

The first one has a descriptive name, the second has a semi-descriptive name and the third is a creative name that’s unique.

1. Travels with Children

No prizes for any ingenuity here, but as with most descriptive names, it does what it’s supposed to do, which is to let people know what the blog is about.

‘Travels with Toddlers’, ‘Traveling with Teenagers’ and ‘Travels with Seniors’ are similar names that work in a similar way.

2. Traveling Mamas

Although this is descriptive as well, it is a bit more unique and sounds quite cool as a blog written by mothers who are out to inspire parents to travel with their children.

3. Wandermom

This is a cool made-up name that doesn’t automatically tell you she’s a travel blogger, but once you come across it under the travel category in a blog catalog, or see it in the search engine results from a travel-related search, it will instantly click that this is a travel blog written from a mother’s perspective.

In fact, this is a cleverly created name where the word ‘wander’ is shortened from ‘wandering’ (which is perfectly suited to travel) and it also sounds like ‘wonder’, where the phrase ‘wonder mom’ is adapted from ‘wonder woman’ and is often used to refer to how amazing mothers are and need to be when raising a child.

Are you a Creative Wordsmith?

Evidently, unique names are a lot cooler if you’re able to create one that hits the spot. It all depends whether you have the ability and are good with words.

Otherwise, a name like ‘Travels with Children’ also has its merits too, and may be a better choice compared to a poor quality name that’s unique. Remember, you’re writing a travel blog and after a good name, which doesn’t necessarily have to be unique. It just has to be good, or awesome.

7 More Examples of Top Travel Blog Names

The search for a good blog name can be frustrating and one of the best ways to get ideas is to check out some cool names used by existing bloggers.

Here’s a list of creative names from 7 of the leading travel blogs on the web to inspire you.

1. Budget Trouble

This is an average quality name. The two words do not have any natural fit and one needs to dig deeper to discover that the blog is about avoiding trouble while traveling on a budget. While it’s true that there might be greater challenges and risks associated with budget travel, it’s not the first thing that jumps to mind and hence this blog name does not speak for itself very well.

2. Nerd’s Eye View

Undoubtedly a catchy name that modifies the phrase ‘Bird’s Eye View’ to fit the author’s profile of being a Nerd, which is a great play on words especially since ‘bird’ and ‘nerd’ rhyme nicely. This is a generic name that can be used for blogs of all topics and it is not necessarily applicable only for travel blogs. As such, even though it’s a witty name, it’s not a particularly spectacular name for a travel blog.

3. Ever the Nomad

An above average name that may appeal to some more than others. It is quite memorable and does a good job of communicating the author’s nomadic tendency.

4. Solo Road Trip

This name is descriptively simple and plainly states what the blog is about. It is effective and there’s no question it succeeds in doing what it’s supposed to. Sometimes, it’s just best to keep it as simple and to the point as possible without being too smart or creative.

5. Nick’s Worldwide Wanderings

This is descriptive and leaves no doubt as to what the blog is about. It’s a little but long but there’s a nice use of alliteration. It could have been shortened to just ‘Worldwide Wanderings’ but Nick obviously wanted to brand his name into the blog’s name.

6. Caffeinated Traveller

A lot of people who love coffee or tea will resonate with this name, which may not necessarily have anything to do with good brews at different destinations, but just a blog by someone who gets propped up by caffeine. As it turns out, this blogger does go in search of fine coffees and teas throughout Asia. If beer is your thing, you could adapt this name to something like ‘Hopping Traveller’.

7. Twitchhiker

This is a witty play on words that blends Twitter with Hitchhiker to produce a name that’s aptly suited since the blogger’s traveling plans is based around the assistance and hospitality of Twitter users.

Build the Name Around Your Blog’s Content

As you can see, the majority of blog names are built around the blogger’s identity or the content. So, the first thing you should do is to confirm your content strategy and how you could like to portray yourself.

By making a list of keywords and phrases that are appropriate to your blog’s focus, you will generate a lot of relevant words to use and combine in order to create an awesome name.

5 Examples of Good Travel Blog Names

Some bloggers prefer to have a more creative name for their blog and feel that descriptive names are too boring, but they don’t know where to start and need a bit of inspiration to get going.

If this sounds like you, read on, as we explore and discuss the merits and meanings of the names from 5 leading travel blogs.

1. Kiwis Don’t Fly

This is a unique name. It’s memorable and makes you want to find out more. It’s a strange and bold statement to suggest that Kiwis (people from New Zealand) don’t fly (from a travel perspective). How can that be? Surely not. However, it makes you stop and think, and that’s a powerful hook.

As it turns out, the blog is about the adventures of a Kiwi trying to get from Dublin to Sydney without flying. While this may not be relevant for most people, since there will be very few people with exactly the same goal, there are definitely lots of people travelling overland somewhere between Dublin and Sydney who will be interested in the blog’s content.

2. There and Back

Certainly a common phrase that’s perfectly suited for the name of a travel blog. Unless they’re on a one-way journey, everyone who travels ends up going back to where they started from, so this name resonates in some ways but also states the obvious.

Regardless of the deeper interpretations of the name, it is definitely memorable and should have a high recall rate among people who come across it. The author is blogging about a round the world trip, but this name could be used for all types of travel.

3. Everything Everywhere

An all-encompassing name that could be used for a travel blog and lots of other topics as well. It’s alliterative, makes sense, rolls off the tongue and is memorable, but it’s not particularly catchy or witty as a name for a travel blog.

In fact, it may be a bit too broad in its reach and could make it difficult for the blog’s author to provide enough content to support the claims of the name.

4. Gone East

This name is nice, short, simple and to the point. Both words are relevant to travel and leisure, and they combine perfectly to produce a name that has a primary meaning of suggesting travelling east from the western world to Asia, while it can also be used to describe travels within a country (from the West to East Coast of America) or continent (travelling to Eastern Europe from the West).

5. Overland Tales

A name that gets straight to the point about what the blog is about. Its not overly clever or catchy but it’s memorable and instantly conveys what’s offered. The brand message is clear. The author shares stories and personal experiences from traveling overland. It’s not a guide, it doesn’t offer advice, it shares tales of what the writer has come across when traveling overland from Europe to East Asia.

Now it’s your Turn

Hopefully, these examples should have given you lots of ideas for your blog’s name. Each of them has used a different strategy to create their name and if you adapt the techniques to suit the topic and focus of your blog, you should be able to generate a varied list of possible names to choose from.

Have fun, and happy naming!

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8 Descriptive Travel Blog Naming Strategies

The use of simple descriptive words in a travel blog’s name is one of the most effective ways of letting people know what its all about. The name could focus on the content or some aspect of the blogger to establish a unique brand and identity.

Here are 8 good blog naming strategies that use descriptive words to create great travel blog names:

1. Destination + Traveler Type (ie Asia Adventurer)

Combine the countries or regions that your blog will cover together with the type of traveling experience you intend to write about. Call your blog something like ‘Asia Adventurer’ if you’ll be reviewing the top adventure based trips in Asia. Or, if you’re backpacking your way through Europe, you could simply call your blog ‘Europe Backpacker’, or ‘Europe Explorer’ if you prefer not to limit the scope of the blog to a backpacker’s perspective.

2. Price/Quality + Traveler Type (ie. Budget Backpacker)

If you’d rather not limit your blog to a particular country or region, you could combine your type of travel (adventure, family, backpacking etc) with a financial or budgetary angle (budget, affordable, luxury etc) to produce names such as ‘Budget Backpacker’, ‘Luxurious Getaways’ and ‘Value Vacations’.

3. Adjective + Accommodation (ie. Seductive Stays)

Instead of writing a general travel blog, you could choose to concentrate on one aspect of travel such as accommodation and select a name that fits the type of places you stay in, such as ‘Great Guesthouses’, ‘Remarkable Resorts’ and ‘Heavenly Hotels’. Or, if you don’t want to limit yourself to a certain class of accommodation, you could go with a more general name like ‘Seductive Stays’ or ‘Room Reviewer’.

4. Unique Angle + “Traveler” (ie Thirsty Traveler)

It’s normally a good idea to choose a niche within the extremely crowded travel blogosphere where you can establish yourself as a specialist and offer a unique angle on things.

For example, if you love to party and make it a point to visit the most happening bars in all the places you visit, you could write a blog that reviews the watering holes from different travel destinations. A name like ‘Bar Travels’ is short and to the point, but if you want to keep options open to cover all types of drinks, something like ‘Thirsty Traveler’ sounds good too. If food is your thing, ‘Hungry Traveler’ may be an obvious fit.

5. Location + Unique Angle (ie Australia Trekker)

A naming alternative that avoids using the word ‘travel’ or ‘traveler’ is to combine your unique angle with the place or places where you’re visiting. So, if you’re trekking across Australia, you could call your blog ‘Australia Trekker’ or ‘Trekking Australia’.

6. Unique Angle + Name (ie Frugal Frederick)

Another naming strategy is to blend your unique angle with your name and omit any travel related word. Hence, a blog about budget traveling may use the blogger’s name to form the brand, such as ‘Frugal Frederick’ or ‘Budgeting Ben’. Or, a blog on extreme (sports) holidays may be authored by and called ‘Extreme Eddie’ or ‘Eddie’s Escapades’.

If you don’t want to be confined to any specific niche, you can use a less limiting name like ‘Nomadic Nick’ or ‘Wandering Will’. This is a popular tactic used by a lot of travel bloggers.

7. “Travel” or “Traveling” + Name (ie Traveling Tim)

For those of you who don’t want the image of being a nomad and prefer to keep things simple, a classic way of naming your travel blog is to mix the word ‘travel’ or some derivation of it, together with your actual name, to produce blog names such as ‘Traveling Tom’, ‘Tim’s Travels’ or ‘Travel Tony’.

8. “My” + Location (ie My Mediterranean)

Some travel blogs cover one spot exclusively, as the blogger spends a significant amount of time getting to know the place in detail and shares their unique view of the city or country. A good method of naming such a blog is to simply use the word ‘my’ before the name of the place, like ‘My Paris’ or ‘My Alaska’.

By using one of the naming techniques above, you should be able to create a great name for your new travel blog. If you prefer, you can mix and combine the ideas discussed to develop a name that is perfectly tailored to suit your blog’s focus. Good luck and have fun.