7 More Examples of Top Travel Blog Names

The search for a good blog name can be frustrating and one of the best ways to get ideas is to check out some cool names used by existing bloggers.

Here’s a list of creative names from 7 of the leading travel blogs on the web to inspire you.

1. Budget Trouble

This is an average quality name. The two words do not have any natural fit and one needs to dig deeper to discover that the blog is about avoiding trouble while traveling on a budget. While it’s true that there might be greater challenges and risks associated with budget travel, it’s not the first thing that jumps to mind and hence this blog name does not speak for itself very well.

2. Nerd’s Eye View

Undoubtedly a catchy name that modifies the phrase ‘Bird’s Eye View’ to fit the author’s profile of being a Nerd, which is a great play on words especially since ‘bird’ and ‘nerd’ rhyme nicely. This is a generic name that can be used for blogs of all topics and it is not necessarily applicable only for travel blogs. As such, even though it’s a witty name, it’s not a particularly spectacular name for a travel blog.

3. Ever the Nomad

An above average name that may appeal to some more than others. It is quite memorable and does a good job of communicating the author’s nomadic tendency.

4. Solo Road Trip

This name is descriptively simple and plainly states what the blog is about. It is effective and there’s no question it succeeds in doing what it’s supposed to. Sometimes, it’s just best to keep it as simple and to the point as possible without being too smart or creative.

5. Nick’s Worldwide Wanderings

This is descriptive and leaves no doubt as to what the blog is about. It’s a little but long but there’s a nice use of alliteration. It could have been shortened to just ‘Worldwide Wanderings’ but Nick obviously wanted to brand his name into the blog’s name.

6. Caffeinated Traveller

A lot of people who love coffee or tea will resonate with this name, which may not necessarily have anything to do with good brews at different destinations, but just a blog by someone who gets propped up by caffeine. As it turns out, this blogger does go in search of fine coffees and teas throughout Asia. If beer is your thing, you could adapt this name to something like ‘Hopping Traveller’.

7. Twitchhiker

This is a witty play on words that blends Twitter with Hitchhiker to produce a name that’s aptly suited since the blogger’s traveling plans is based around the assistance and hospitality of Twitter users.

Build the Name Around Your Blog’s Content

As you can see, the majority of blog names are built around the blogger’s identity or the content. So, the first thing you should do is to confirm your content strategy and how you could like to portray yourself.

By making a list of keywords and phrases that are appropriate to your blog’s focus, you will generate a lot of relevant words to use and combine in order to create an awesome name.