101 Travel Blog Names to Help You Find your Ideal Name

Choosing the perfect name for a travel blog can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating experience, but it can be a lot easier if you start off in the right direction by getting a good idea of what the successful bloggers call their blogs.

By examining names of the top travel blog sites, you will definitely get inspiration for your blog’s name by noticing the qualities of the well-named blogs and the variety of naming strategies that can be used to produce cool brands.

In addition, you will also note that there are quite a few mediocre names among the leading blogs in the travel sector, which should give you confidence in coming up with a decent name that doesn’t have to be perfect.

If you’ve been having a hard time thinking of, or selecting a name, hopefully this selection of 101 Names of Top Travel Blogs will get you closer to a decision so that you can start writing sooner.

  1. Desi Traveler
  2. What a Trip
  3. Traveling Canucks
  4. Everything Everywhere
  5. Travel Wonders Of The World
  6. Four Jandals
  7. The Aussie Nomad
  8. Hecktic Travels
  9. Vagablogging
  10. Finding The Universe
  11. Brendan’s Adventures
  12. Flip Nomad
  13. The Expeditioner
  14. Muza Chan
  15. John’s Adventures
  16. Plum Deluxe
  17. Time Travel Turtle
  18. Heather On Her Travels
  19. Adventures By Daddy
  20. Go See Write
  21. Ciao Bambino
  22. Practical Travel Gear
  23. Beers and Beans
  24. The Cranky Flier
  25. Virtual Wayfarer
  26. The Amateur Traveler
  27. Alex In Wanderland
  28. Mom’s Minivan
  29. Wandering Earl
  30. A Little Adrift
  31. Hawaii Vacation Blog
  32. My Beautiful Adventures
  33. Twenty-Something Travel
  34. Wild Junket
  35. Europe A La Carte
  36. Pause the Moment
  37. Travels of Adam
  38. Traveling Mamas
  39. Off Track Planet
  40. The Mother of All Trips
  41. Fearful Adventurer
  42. Delicious Baby
  43. Tourist 2 Townie
  44. Two Go Round-The-World
  45. Peter Greenberg Worldwide
  46. Just Travelous
  47. Almost Fearless
  48. Over Yonderlust
  49. The Road Forks
  50. Alaska TravelGram
  51. We Said Go Travel
  52. Yomadic
  53. Uncornered Market
  54. Go Green Travel Green
  55. The Everywhereist
  56. The Expert Vagabond
  57. E Tramping
  58. The Planet D
  59. Go Visit Hawaii
  60. Monkeys & Mountains
  61. Changes in Longitude
  62. Fox Nomad
  63. Legal Nomads
  64. InACents
  65. Have Baby Will Travel
  66. Beat of Hawaii and Beyond
  67. As We Travel
  68. Fluent in 3 Months
  69. Nomadic Chick
  70. Solo Friendly
  71. The Travel Tart
  72. Upgrade: Travel Better
  73. Practical Nomad
  74. The Q Family Adventures
  75. Medellin Living
  76. Travel Mamas
  77. Indie Travel Podcast
  78. Y Travel Blog
  79. Nomadic Matt
  80. Soul Travelers 3
  81. Out to Africa
  82. Never Ending Footsteps
  83. iBackpackCanada
  84. Musings on travel ecommerce
  85. Nomadic Notes
  86. Chris Around the World
  87. The Real Banff
  88. Runaway Juno
  89. Imperator Travel
  90. Isabelle’s Travel Guide
  91. Nerd’s Eye View
  92. Mom Most Traveled
  93. Europe Up Close
  94. Inspiring Travelers
  95. Inside the Travel Lab
  96. Around the World in 80 Jobs
  97. Landlopers
  98. OttsWorld
  99. NYCity Mama
  100. Our Oyster
  101. World Heritage Site

[Edit] Here are a couple of good names shared by a contributor (thanks to TheSunbakedBlogger):

  • Exile Lifestyle
  • Fearful Adventurer

Now it’s time to let yourself loose.

On your digital or traditional notepad, make a list of any name that comes into your head, however silly it may seem. Jot down keywords you want to include in the name. Adapt any of the naming styles above in a unique way to make it your own. Try modifying phrases or words in clever, funny or quirky ways. Above all, have fun wordplaying and you should find a name you’ll love.

8 thoughts on “101 Travel Blog Names to Help You Find your Ideal Name

  1. Charlotte K

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s exactly what I needed. Never thought finding a good blog name was so hard.

    1. Bruce Post author

      Hey Charlotte, Yes, blog naming is a lot more challenging than most people think, especially if you’re after a quality name that’s really catchy and meaningful.

      Good luck with your new blog.

  2. The Sunbaked Blogger

    Here are a couple more names to add to the list:

    “Exile Lifestyle” is a pretty cool name too. It’s Colin Wright’s blog at http://exilelifestyle.net/

    “Fearful Adventurer” is good as well. Bold is the adjective more commonly associated with adventures and adventurers, but this name surely resonates with a lot of aspiring globe trekkers. It’s Torre De Roche’s blog at http://www.fearfuladventurer.com/

    1. Bruce Post author

      Hey SunbakedBlogger,

      Spot on, fab names. Will add them to the post.

      Thanks a lot for sharing them. Do keep them coming if you come across any more great ones.

  3. UpcomingNomad

    Isn’t something like ‘Around the World in 80 Jobs’ a bit too long for a blogs name?

    I thought that it is advisable to make names as short as possible.

    1. Bruce Post author

      Yes, you’re right. Names should normally be as short as possible to be easy-to-remember.

      But the overall objective is to be memorable, and if a long name uses a cleverly constructed phrase that’s catchy, relevant and packed full of meaning, it may achieve this objective and hence be a good name as well.

      In this case, the name is a play on the popular adventure novel by Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, which will certainly get most people to remember it when they see or hear it.

  4. Julezzy

    Brilliant list, thanks. It’s given me loads of ideas.

    Amazing how a few examples can get the cogs cranking…

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