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Descriptive vs Unique Names for Travel Blogs

There are two main ways to name a blog. You can use a common phrase with descriptive words, or create a name that is unique and ‘one of its kind’.

There are pros and cons to each method. Descriptive names are great in getting to the point by letting users know what the blog is about. But they can easily be confused with other blogs using a confusingly similar name.

Unique names that are well constructed are ideal, as they can be catchy and more memorable if they resonate with their audience. However, it’s not easy to come up with a good name that’s unique, and many bloggers who go for this option end up with a terrible name.

To give you a better idea of how these two naming strategies compare and their impact, let’s take a look at 3 names of real travel blogs.

The first one has a descriptive name, the second has a semi-descriptive name and the third is a creative name that’s unique.

1. Travels with Children

No prizes for any ingenuity here, but as with most descriptive names, it does what it’s supposed to do, which is to let people know what the blog is about.

‘Travels with Toddlers’, ‘Traveling with Teenagers’ and ‘Travels with Seniors’ are similar names that work in a similar way.

2. Traveling Mamas

Although this is descriptive as well, it is a bit more unique and sounds quite cool as a blog written by mothers who are out to inspire parents to travel with their children.

3. Wandermom

This is a cool made-up name that doesn’t automatically tell you she’s a travel blogger, but once you come across it under the travel category in a blog catalog, or see it in the search engine results from a travel-related search, it will instantly click that this is a travel blog written from a mother’s perspective.

In fact, this is a cleverly created name where the word ‘wander’ is shortened from ‘wandering’ (which is perfectly suited to travel) and it also sounds like ‘wonder’, where the phrase ‘wonder mom’ is adapted from ‘wonder woman’ and is often used to refer to how amazing mothers are and need to be when raising a child.

Are you a Creative Wordsmith?

Evidently, unique names are a lot cooler if you’re able to create one that hits the spot. It all depends whether you have the ability and are good with words.

Otherwise, a name like ‘Travels with Children’ also has its merits too, and may be a better choice compared to a poor quality name that’s unique. Remember, you’re writing a travel blog and after a good name, which doesn’t necessarily have to be unique. It just has to be good, or awesome.