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8 Descriptive Travel Blog Naming Strategies

The use of simple descriptive words in a travel blog’s name is one of the most effective ways of letting people know what its all about. The name could focus on the content or some aspect of the blogger to establish a unique brand and identity.

Here are 8 good blog naming strategies that use descriptive words to create great travel blog names:

1. Destination + Traveler Type (ie Asia Adventurer)

Combine the countries or regions that your blog will cover together with the type of traveling experience you intend to write about. Call your blog something like ‘Asia Adventurer’ if you’ll be reviewing the top adventure based trips in Asia. Or, if you’re backpacking your way through Europe, you could simply call your blog ‘Europe Backpacker’, or ‘Europe Explorer’ if you prefer not to limit the scope of the blog to a backpacker’s perspective.

2. Price/Quality + Traveler Type (ie. Budget Backpacker)

If you’d rather not limit your blog to a particular country or region, you could combine your type of travel (adventure, family, backpacking etc) with a financial or budgetary angle (budget, affordable, luxury etc) to produce names such as ‘Budget Backpacker’, ‘Luxurious Getaways’ and ‘Value Vacations’.

3. Adjective + Accommodation (ie. Seductive Stays)

Instead of writing a general travel blog, you could choose to concentrate on one aspect of travel such as accommodation and select a name that fits the type of places you stay in, such as ‘Great Guesthouses’, ‘Remarkable Resorts’ and ‘Heavenly Hotels’. Or, if you don’t want to limit yourself to a certain class of accommodation, you could go with a more general name like ‘Seductive Stays’ or ‘Room Reviewer’.

4. Unique Angle + “Traveler” (ie Thirsty Traveler)

It’s normally a good idea to choose a niche within the extremely crowded travel blogosphere where you can establish yourself as a specialist and offer a unique angle on things.

For example, if you love to party and make it a point to visit the most happening bars in all the places you visit, you could write a blog that reviews the watering holes from different travel destinations. A name like ‘Bar Travels’ is short and to the point, but if you want to keep options open to cover all types of drinks, something like ‘Thirsty Traveler’ sounds good too. If food is your thing, ‘Hungry Traveler’ may be an obvious fit.

5. Location + Unique Angle (ie Australia Trekker)

A naming alternative that avoids using the word ‘travel’ or ‘traveler’ is to combine your unique angle with the place or places where you’re visiting. So, if you’re trekking across Australia, you could call your blog ‘Australia Trekker’ or ‘Trekking Australia’.

6. Unique Angle + Name (ie Frugal Frederick)

Another naming strategy is to blend your unique angle with your name and omit any travel related word. Hence, a blog about budget traveling may use the blogger’s name to form the brand, such as ‘Frugal Frederick’ or ‘Budgeting Ben’. Or, a blog on extreme (sports) holidays may be authored by and called ‘Extreme Eddie’ or ‘Eddie’s Escapades’.

If you don’t want to be confined to any specific niche, you can use a less limiting name like ‘Nomadic Nick’ or ‘Wandering Will’. This is a popular tactic used by a lot of travel bloggers.

7. “Travel” or “Traveling” + Name (ie Traveling Tim)

For those of you who don’t want the image of being a nomad and prefer to keep things simple, a classic way of naming your travel blog is to mix the word ‘travel’ or some derivation of it, together with your actual name, to produce blog names such as ‘Traveling Tom’, ‘Tim’s Travels’ or ‘Travel Tony’.

8. “My” + Location (ie My Mediterranean)

Some travel blogs cover one spot exclusively, as the blogger spends a significant amount of time getting to know the place in detail and shares their unique view of the city or country. A good method of naming such a blog is to simply use the word ‘my’ before the name of the place, like ‘My Paris’ or ‘My Alaska’.

By using one of the naming techniques above, you should be able to create a great name for your new travel blog. If you prefer, you can mix and combine the ideas discussed to develop a name that is perfectly tailored to suit your blog’s focus. Good luck and have fun.