100 Examples of Good Travel Blogs with Cool Creative Names

For all of you aspiring travel bloggers who are raring to start your blog but are stuck trying to find a name, you’re in luck. There’s a compilation of 100 great travel blog names below to give you plenty of ideas to inspire your blog’s name.

Although most of the underlying blogs are penned by some of the best travel bloggers in the blogosphere, this list is not supposed to be a guide to the leading travel blogs on the web. There are lots of excellent travel blogs with the same naming styles as the ones listed but they have been omitted.

For example, a lot of travel bloggers like to name their blog by using the adjective ‘nomadic’ together with their first name. Clearly, all that’s needed to observe the naming style is to list one of them (ie NomadicMatt), which is what you’ll find.

Top 100 Travel Blog Names

The bloggers behind the names of the following blogs have used these names to establish successful sites that are leaders in the travel sector.

If you’re looking for inspiration from the best, here they are:

  1. 2 Backpackers
  2. 501 Places
  3. A Little Adrift
  4. Adventures By Daddy
  5. Adventures with Ben
  6. Adventurous Kate
  7. Alaska TravelGram
  8. Alex In Wanderland
  9. Almost Fearless
  10. Around the World in 80 Jobs
  11. As We Travel
  12. Bacon is Magic
  13. Beers and Beans
  14. Breathe Dream Go
  15. Camels & Chocolate
  16. Changes in Longitude
  17. Chris Around the World
  18. Delicious Baby
  19. EscapeArtistes
  20. Europe A La Carte
  21. Europe Up Close
  22. Everything Everywhere
  23. Family On Bikes
  24. Fearful Adventurer
  25. Finding The Universe
  26. Flip Nomad
  27. Fluent in 3 Months
  28. Globetrotter Girls
  29. Go Nomad
  30. Go See Write
  31. Happy Hotelier
  32. Have Baby Will Travel
  33. Heather On Her Travels
  34. Hecktic Travels
  35. Hole in the Donut
  36. iBackpackCanada
  37. InACents
  38. Just Travelous
  39. Landlopers
  40. Leave Your Daily Hell
  41. Legal Nomads
  42. Life Cruiser
  43. Mom Most Traveled
  44. Mom’s Minivan
  45. Mommy Poppins
  46. Monkeys & Mountains
  47. My Itchy Travel Feet
  48. Nerd’s Eye View
  49. Never Ending Footsteps
  50. Never Ending Voyage
  51. Nomadic Chick
  52. Nomadic Matt
  53. Nomadic Notes
  54. Notes from Spain
  55. Notes from the Road
  56. NYCity Mama
  57. Off Track Planet
  58. Offbeat Travel
  59. One Step 4ward
  60. Ordinary Traveler
  61. Our Oyster
  62. Out to Africa
  63. Over Yonderlust
  64. Pause the Moment
  65. Practical Nomad
  66. Runaway Jane
  67. Sharing Travel Experiences
  68. Solo Friendly
  69. Solo Traveler
  70. That Backpacker
  71. The Brooklyn Nomad
  72. The Cranky Flier
  73. The Everywhereist
  74. The Expeditioner
  75. The Mother of All Trips
  76. The Planet D
  77. The Professional Hobo
  78. The Road Forks
  79. The Travel Tart
  80. The Vacation Gals
  81. Theme Park Mom
  82. Time Travel Turtle
  83. Todd’s Wanderings
  84. Tourist 2 Townie
  85. Travel Mamas
  86. Traveling Canucks
  87. Traveling Mamas
  88. Travelogged
  89. Twenty-Something Travel
  90. Uncornered Market
  91. Velvet Escape
  92. Virtual Wayfarer
  93. Wandering Earl
  94. Wandering Educators
  95. What a Trip
  96. WhyGo Italy
  97. Wild Junket
  98. Y Travel Blog
  99. Yomadic
  100. Young Adventuress

Note: The names have been listed in alphabetical order. The ones at the top are not necessarily better quality than the ones at the bottom. And the selection has been made with the intention of showcasing a wide variety of names to use as examples for illustrating different naming techniques.

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